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Senior Advocate
Supreme Court of Bangladesh


Khan Saifur Rahman & Associates (KSRA) was founded by late Mr Khan Saifur Rahman (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh) in the decade of 1960s. He had been the Head of the Chamber till his retirement in 2013 due to serious health issues. With longstanding reputation for providing excellent services and winning exceptionally challenging cases and arbitrations, KSRA has been one of the best law firms in Bangladesh from its inception in the areas of its specializations. Mr Khan Saifur Rahman is considered a legend in the legal fraternity for making outstanding contribution through his extensive intellect and exceptionally excellent problem solving ability. His practicing career got started since 1962 and in 1974 he started practicing in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Since then he had earned a strong undisputed reputation in conducting all sorts of legal affairs both civil and criminal. Both nationally and internationally, his reputation as a Senior Advocate has been unmatched. As recognition of his brilliant and outstanding performance in the legal field, Media Journalist Association of Bangladesh (MEJAB) awarded Mr. Khan Saifur Rahman the best lawyer of Bangladesh in the MEJAB Performance Award 2008. He was the leading defence counsel in the landmark Bangabandhu Murder Case, which case is by far the most historically significant case in the history of Bangladesh since its inception and no case shall ever be able to surpass the Bangabandhu Murder Case so far as its historical significance in our legal system is concerned as Bangabandhu was the father of the nation. Great lawyers conduct great cases and this says it all.

Mr Khan Saifur Rahman was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by the Department of State of the United States of America in 2005 for his significant contribution to interdicting terrorist organizations. He was awarded with the World Human Rights Service Council (WHRSC) Passport in 1999. He was the Chief Law Adviser to the Ministry of Home Affairs in the period of 2001-2006. He was the Senior Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Commission from 2007-2009. He has over 100+ reported case laws in the best law journals of our legal system, e.g. DLR, BLC, BLD, BLT, ADC etc. He had advised the Government on many policy matters and legislative affairs. He played active role in the drafting of many significantly important parliamentary laws. The list of his countless achievements goes on and on. Bangladesh Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Asset Developments & Holding Ltd, Bengal Glass Works Ltd, Zoha Properties Ltd, GACO Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and many other renowned companies and associations have had the privileges to get legal support and solution from Mr. Khan Saifur Rahman. His client list looks like a never ending one inclusive of highly reputed national/international/multi-national companies and group of companies, governmental agencies and autonomous institutions and individuals. He was also the author of some leading articles published online namely: Round Peg in a Square Hole, Macro-mobilization for Micro Perspective. Besides conducting huge number of criminal trials and civil cases, Mr. Khan Saifur Rahman had conducted quite a number of international arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution successfully. In the corporate sector, Mr. Khan Saifur Rahman had been one of the leading practitioners in Bangladesh with clients from varieties of corporate sectors including real estate, banks, media, multinational companies etc. His outstanding ability to identify legal issues and his realistic approach to solve those issues (both in litigation in court room and by way of alternative dispute resolution outside court room) made him extra-ordinarily successful in dealing with varieties of corporate legal matters.   

Mr Khan Saifur Rahman was diagnosed with neuro degenerative disease in 2013 and since then he had been out of practice. After fighting with various diseases arising out of old age complication, he finally passed away on 13 February 2016. KSRA has had a longstanding heritage inherited from the brilliant legal mind of Mr Khan Saifur Rahman.



FCIArb; Accredited Mediator (CIArb)
Barrister-at-law (Lincoln’s Inn; BPP Law School)
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
LLB Hons, First Class (University of London)
LLM in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, UCL (Ongoing, 2022-2023)
Managing Partner & Head of the Chamber, Khan Saifur Rahman & Associates
Vice Principal, Newcastle Law Academy West [a recognized teaching center of the University of London]


With an exceptional academic background, our Managing Partner and Head of the Chamber, Barrister Khan Khalid Adnan has developed far-reaching reputation both at the national and international level, in the legal profession of Bangladesh. He obtained the first ever first class in the University of London external programme in Bangladesh in 2007 with one of the highest marks in the history of University of London. He was awarded the University of London Awards for Academic Achievement for his outstanding performance in consecutive two years in a row in 2006 and 2007. He completed his BVC from BPP Law School (Holborn), London, just at the age of 21 in 2008 with some of the best marks in several modules. He was called to the Bar of England & Wales by Lincoln’s Inn in 2008. After his return to Bangladesh, he joined our chamber as a junior associate under the supervision of our Chamber Founder, the one of his kind Senior Advocate, Mr Khan Saifur Rahman. Since then, Barrister Khan Khalid Adnan has been working with tremendous success rate both in his litigation and corporate works. His areas of expertise are Criminal Law, Judicial Review, Tort Law – including Road Traffic Accident and Clinical Negligence cases, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Public International Law, International Law of Foreign Investment, Investment Arbitration, International and Domestic Commercial Arbitration and Mediation. For the first time in Bangladesh, Barrister Khan Khalid Adnan has been working with Tort Law claims both in the Civil and Criminal courts. He was the prosecutor of the landmark Tareq Masud & Mishuk Munier Case, Payel Murder Case and Ohona Death Case which brought the attention of the national media and international community to his work. Recently, he has started working pro bono on the preservation of Asian Elephants in Bangladesh that are being unlawfully killed in violation of the wildlife laws of Bangladesh. In November 2021, when many elephants in Bangladesh were being brutally killed, he obtained a remarkable order from the High Court of Bangladesh directing the concerned authorities to take immediate steps to stop the ongoing unlawful elephant killings. Barrister Khan Khalid Adnan is also the Vice Principal of Newcastle Law Academy West, a recognized teaching center of the University of London based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is a regular contributor in several dailies and law journals, such as the law page of the Daily Star and is well known for his exceptional journal writings. He has been engaged with more than 10 multinational and national companies, based in the UK, USA, Canada and Norway to name of a few, as their legal adviser and panel lawyer. Barrister Khan Khalid Adnan has been recognized as one of the “Top 50 Legal Falcons” at the LexTalk World’s Global Hybrid Conference 2021 on 08/04/2021 in Dubai, UAE for his impactful contribution to the legal industry. In the said conference, he also participated in a panel discussion titled “International Arbitration: Are courts becoming congenial to Arbitration over Litigation? A global perspective!”. He was recognised as the Bangladesh’s Top 50 lawyers by the Asia Business Law Journal for the year 2022. Mr Adnan is also a national member and mediator of the Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC). He has regularly been called on in a number of TV Talk Shows and TV Interviews by the reputed TV Channels in Bangladesh to shed light on different areas of law having public importance due to his professional achievements in the areas of his expert









Junior Associate