Message from the Head of the Chamber

Khan khalid Adnan

Since the completion of my Bar course in the UK in 2008, I have been involved with Khan Saifur Rahman & Associates (KSRA). The Chamber was founded by my late Senior, Mr Khan Saifur Rahman (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh) in the decade of 1960s. By the time, I joined the Chamber as a junior associate, the Chamber, was one of the best Chambers of Bangladesh in the areas of criminal, constitutional and real estate law. Mr Khan Saifur Rahman is a legend in the legal fraternity for making outstanding contribution through his extensive intellect and exceptionally excellent problem solving ability. He was the leading defence counsel in the landmark Bangabandhu Murder Case, which case is by far the most historically significant case in the history of Bangladesh since its inception and no case shall ever be able to surpass the Bangabandhu Murder Case so far as its historical significance in our legal system is concerned as Bangabandhu was the father of the nation. Great lawyers conduct great cases and this says it all. He was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by the Department of State of the United States of America in 2005 for his significant contribution to interdicting terrorist organizations. He was awarded with the World Human Rights Service Council (WHRSC) Passport in 1999. He was the Chief Law Adviser to the Ministry of Home Affairs in the period of 2001-2006. He was the Senior Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Commission from 2007-2009. He has over 100+ reported case laws in the best law journals of our legal system. He has advised the Government on many policy matters and legislative affairs. He played active role in the drafting of many significantly important parliamentary laws. The list of his countless achievements goes on and on.

Mr Khan Saifur Rahman was diagnosed with neuro degenerative disease in 2013 and since then he had been out of practice. After fighting with various diseases arising out of old age complication, he finally passed away on 13 February 2016. By the time I took charge of the Chamber as its Managing Partner & Head of the Chamber, the Chamber has had a longstanding heritage inherited from the brilliant legal mind of Mr Khan Saifur Rahman. The time I took charge, the Chamber had its office at Bijaynagar, Paltan and an office in the Supreme Court premises. Now the Chamber has an amazing branch office at Dhanmondi alongside its Principal Office located at Bijaynagar, Paltan and also we have our office at the Dhaka District Court premises. Having two branches at the heart of the Dhaka city and two offices, both at the Supreme Court & District Court premises, the infrastructure of the Chamber has developed tremendously. More than 10 lawyers are working with the different offices of the Chamber and another 10+ staffs are providing administrative and clerical support to our valued clients.

The Chamber has extended its area of practice to corporate, commercial and company matters, fiscal matters, international and foreign arbitration and mediation, tort law matters including road traffic accident and clinical negligence cases etc. In the last couple of years, the Chamber has successfully conducted many cases that not only have received extensive media attention due to their impact on public interest but also these cases are contributing in the development of tort law in Bangladesh through various means. I have been the private prosecutor in the landmark Tareq Masud & Mishuk Munier case where a bus driver through his negligent and reckless driving committed homicide respecting some significant media personalities of the country that include Mr Tareq Masud, the world famous film director from Bangladesh, and Mr Mishuk Munier, another well renowned media personality having massive impact in his area of expertise, i.e. journalism and entertainment. In this case, the driver of the bus hitting the vehicle carrying the victims was sentenced to imprisonment for life and this kind of judgment had been one of a kind respecting road traffic accident cases in Bangladesh. There was no such reference respecting road traffic accident cases prior to this case, and I consider this case to be remarkable in shaping the future of the development of tort law in Bangladesh in the garb of criminal law.

Payel Murder Case is also one of the most important cases in my career where a student of North South University named Payel was brutally killed by the staffs of a well-known bus company of the country, named Hanif Enterprise. I was also engaged as a private prosecutor by Payel’s family in this case. All the three accused in the Payel Murder Case was given death sentence by the Tribunal. The Tribunal in this case commented in the judgment that it was not a case of road accident, rather it was a case of clear murder. Further the Tribunal directed the concerned Government authorities to take appropriate steps in ensuring safety and amenities for the passengers during their inter-city travels. This is also a remarkable case in the area of road traffic accident in Bangladesh.

Another case that begs mentioning and which is very close to my heart is the Ohona Death Case and this case, I believe, will someday shape the future of the laws of clinical negligence in Bangladesh, which area is significantly underdeveloped within our jurisdiction. In this case, a child named Ohona died just at the age of 4.5 years due to allegedly negligent treatment of some very well renowned doctors and a well renowned Hospital being run by a Corporate Giant Group of the country. In this case, I have been also working as a private prosecutor being appointed by Ohona’s family. The details of the case and its development so far are given in the case segment of this page.

I have also successfully worked extensively in the areas of domestic and international arbitration and mediation in the corporate and real estate sectors. I have successfully negotiated settlement between parties in several matters where the seats of arbitration were SIAC and LCIA. So far as dealing with commercial disputes is concerned, the Chamber prefers to encourage negotiation and mediation between the contesting parties without going for arbitration at the first instance in order to save the parties’ valuable money, resources and energy. This is why our Chamber has become a preference for many commercial parties who are also willing to settle their disputes out of court.

KSRA believes in group work and it has an excellent team of legal experts in its area of specialization. Most of our lawyers are young and dynamic having sharp sense of adopting a solution based approach. Given the fact that in Bangladesh we have an adversarial judicial system under a common law framework, it is pertinent to approach legal problems with a view to solve them effectively and efficiently bearing in mind the best interests of the clients. KSRA always maintains strict professionalism and ethics whereby its lawyers are duty bound towards the courts and KSRA believes in always providing assistance towards the courts and tribunals and hence the team KSRA does not argue, just for the sake of arguing. We believe in solving our clients’ legal problems through applying our own method which is unique, creative and most importantly effective with the best practical implication. Last but not least, we value our clients the most and we firmly believe that we are where we are but for our clients’ satisfaction and their recommendations.

In this message, hence, I, as the Head of the Chamber, would like to thank each and every of our clientele who has received services from us since day one. We strongly believe in the concept of practical legal innovation and if you also believe in the same, then you are welcome to KSRA, where we work on legal innovation from a practical perspective.

Standard of Service

Khan Saifur Rahman & Associates focuses on engaging with clients in a straightforward, down to earth, and approachable manner. We perpetually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which is why we have an indisputable reputation for providing phenomenal legal service. We provide the highest-quality legal advice and insight at all hours of the year, combining the chamber’s international standards with in-depth native experience that embody the legal skills, expertise, and energy of the entire chamber.


We have an indisputable reputation for providing phenomenal legal service.

On a global scale, we are recognised for our dedication to professionalism and our willingness to pursue creative, but efficient, solutions to the most difficult legal issues. Our clients and colleagues are aware of this and appreciate this work ethics.

Our prestige is bolstered by our cognitive ability in legal directories and our dominance in various litigation sectors. We have also been internationally recognised and awarded both for our legal work and for our contribution to the world around us, including our commitment to diversity.



Khan Saifur Rahman focuses on engaging with clients in a straightforward, down to earth, and approachable manner. We perpetually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, which is why we have an indisputable reputation for providing phenomenal legal service. We provide the highest-quality legal advice and insight at all hours of the year, combining the chamber’s international standards with in-depth native experience that embody the legal skills, expertise, and energy of the entire chamber.​
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